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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I am going to be sharing with you what those words mean to me. I have always thought that being stylish and classy come hand in hand - one cannot exist without the other. But what does it really mean to be stylish and classy?

Something that has always been a defining point for me on what style and class really is has been the influences that surrounded me; whether it be the women in my family or the movies I watched. The definition of classy and stylish has evolved constantly for me.

Being stylish and classy is not always necessarily following the norms but sometimes to experiment with your personal style. Style is how you carry what you wear but being classy is an inherent quality. More importantly I think that being stylish is something that reflects personality, it gives character to a person. Being classy is just something that is reflected through that personality you create with your style. Clothes and accessories can help enhance your personality so create your own definition of stylish and classy, have fun and experiment. Find your classy and stylish! I think that it is possible to create evolving definitions of what classy and stylish fashion is by infusing a touch of personality.

So that's what defines being classy and stylish for me - tell me what you think!

Stay classy!

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