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Setting the scene

I am going to be sharing with you all the 3 trends that I have loved for the longest time and I can't believe that they are trending again this season! I think that these trends are timeless personally.

There is something about these trends that remind me of my childhood in a really strange way! I always wanted to own a trench coat- but never got one. I think I might finally buy one-hopefully soon. My first ever dress as child was a black and white polka dot dress! Waistcoats are just a forever favourite wardrobe essential!


Waistcoats are a really cool fashion trend! Waistcoats can help spruce up your casual outfit or help make a statement with your formals. Waistcoats have become increasingly popular in women’s fashion and have been one of my favourite trends. I like to a pair a cute Waistcoat with a white shirt and faded blue jeans. Classic looks are always worth it! This could be the perfect daytime look this season. Have a go creating your own looks with a waistcoat this season! Waistcoats are something that personally I would wear in any season; I think that it makes for a style statement that can look effortlessly stylish and chic and not to forget its trending! Waistcoats are something that will remain trending for a long time if it is effortlessly added to your ensembles. Waistcoats have always been something that is associated with formal wear but ever since people started pairing it with casuals it has become a even more popular fashion essential that people use to add little something to their outfits. This season is your chance experiment with different looks and add this cool clothing piece to make that fashion statement!

Polka Dots

I cannot believe this - they are back this year! The Polka Dot print has always been my favourite print. I remember for the longest time as a little girl I was obsessed with this print. (I still am) The polka dot print is something that can give a popping element to the outfit. When wearing the polka dot print it is important that whatever you choose to pair it with, make sure it is a complimentary one tone colour- not contrasted with another print.Polka dots are a fascinating print if styled the right way; they can be the something extra in your outfit or it can be the print that brings the entire outfit together.I know print on print is also a current fashion trend but it only works if you style it with a complimentary print and colour scheme. This is a topic for another time!

Trench Coats

Trench Coats have such a rich history and the way it is constructed is truly fascinating. I was once watching documentary where they were talking about the history and the way they create the structure of a Trench Coat and what classifies as a Trench Coat. I can't remember the name of the documentary unfortunately - it's been a while.

Trench Coat designs have evolved over time but remain a style statement and will remain a favourite of mine when it comes to trends. The Trench Coat is a very versatile fashionable item as you may know. Pairing it with your casual wear or your formal wear is definitely a style enhancing technique. I love the versatility it brings to ensembles and really is an impactful fashion essential especially this season. I love the classic Trench Coats there is something about their silhouettes that just are so amazing. (The more I think about it I need one for sure!)

Summing up

There are people all around the globe that are investing in looking fashionably amazing but I think it is key to stay true to your style as this what highlights authenticity. Style is something that forever remains trending but fashion keeps changing every season. I cannot emphasise this enough. What I guess I am trying to say is that it is better to be comfortable and know your style and incorporate trends to fit around your personal style. I love these trends I feel like I would wear these regardless, whether they are in season or not. I am aware that not everybody may agree to this; I feel like it is an effective way to be fashionable and stylish as this is what it means to be fashion forward to me personally.

Stay classy!

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